The Reality of Tile & Grout Restoration

Setting a realistic level of expectation and providing your customers with options are the keys to success in the Tile & Grout Restoration Business. Many people entering this field place too much emphasis on searching for a “magical chemical” or “process” that will work effectively in every situation. Every area is different and there is no one method or chemical that will be effective on every tile and grout installation.

Following are the three primary services that can be offered and some of the pros & cons.

Option 1) Clean Only – The tile will usually clean up easily. The grout is the biggest challenge … sometimes it will clean up and other times there may be some permanent stains that do not clean up.

Option 2) Clean & Clear Seal – Some of the flaws that exist in the floor will still be there and the level of protection should be described similarly to protection on carpet. The grout becomes less porous.

Option 3) Clean & ColorSeal – The grout can be restored to a like new condition and the grout will become 100% non-porous . ColorSeal is a coating that is applied to the grout that will cover up any discolorations in the grout.

Remember, when you address potential problems prior to a job, you will be viewed as a knowledgeable professional and after the fact, you are only creating excuses. If you take the time, at the point of sale, to do a demonstration of the above options and effectively explain the pros and cons … all your tile and grout nightmares will quickly turn into happy customers.

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