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Grout Brightener 32 Oz/Gallon

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Grout Brightener 32 Oz/Gallon

The BEST GROUT CLEANER EVER !!!!  Money Back Guarantee  !!!! Satisfaction Guarantee !!!!

ECO friendly alternative to acid cleaners.  Low pH, biobased, biodegradable, organic cleaner used to replace traditional mineral acids.  Unfortunately, aggressive and harmful acid cleaners are the most effective way to restore grout.  Grout Brightener offers all the benefits of aggressive and corrosive acids without all the hazards.


We guarantee that ColorSealPro Grout Brightener will restore and clean your grout better than anything you have ever used.  It is important to realize that all grout gets to a point where it can no longer be restored to an acceptable level from a cleaning; therefore, more drastic restorative measures must be taken.  We are confident that if you are not happy with the results of ColorSealPro Grout Brightener that your grout is permanently stained / discolored.  Just like a shirt that has been washed over and over and is clean but the stains can not be removed.  Your options at this point are to remove all of the old grout and replace with new or Color Seal the grout.  Our Guarantee offers you one of the following refund options: Option 1) Money Back less shipping.  Option 2) Credit for full purchase amount less shipping to one of our DIY Color Seal Kits.  Feel free to call Technical Support with any questions.  216-916-7775.


Directions: To help determine the best dilution ratio test a small area prior to mixing the final solution.  The recommended dilution is 1-part cleaner to 7-parts water.  Adjust dilution ratio according to your individual needs.  COVERAGE: 1 gallon of cleaner covers approximately 250 square feet. For example, 1 pint of concentrated cleaner + 7 pints of water = 1 gallon of cleaner.

Liberally apply cleaner with a mop and allow 10-15 minutes of dwell time.  While the cleaner is dwelling agitate the grout with a grout brush.  If the product appears to be drying add water.  Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned …. rinse well with water and extract with a mop or wet vacuum.  Rinse area well with water … repeat as needed.

CAUTION:  Grout Brightener may cause damage to acid sensitive natural stones, metal or stainless materials (always test a small inconspicuous area) .  If a sealer, wax, or coating is present it is recommended to strip the area with Deep Cleaner for optimal results.  This will dissolve and or remove the coating / sealer prior to proceeding with GROUT BRIGHTENER.   A simple test is to soak a grout line with water … if the grout darkens and absorbs the water there is no coating / sealer present making it ok to proceed to Grout Brightener.  Technical Support 216-916-7775.

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