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3 in 1 Grout Brightener 1 Gallon

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3 in 1 Grout Brightener 1 Gallon

3 in 1 performs multiple functions based on dilution ratios.  The 3 primary uses are:

  1. Grout Brightening / Tile & Grout Cleaning.
  2. Prepping grout prior to color seal application.
  3. Removing grout haze / residue remaining from tile installations     .


When used as directed 3 in 1 is safer on the surfaces being cleaned and their adjoining areas, skin safe,much more user friendly,low odor,and Green/Eco friendly alternative to acids. Low Ph, organic cleaner used to replace traditional mineral acids. Formulated to remove calcium deposits more effectively than phosphoric, citric, and glcolic acids with safer transportation and handling attributes. Biobased and biodegradable. Classified as Non-Hazmat based on volume, not listed DOT regulated product for ground shipping and VOC exempt.

DILUTION:          High Strength: 1:2 (1 part cleaner/2 parts water)....10-15 minute dwell time.

                            Medium Strength 1:6 (1 part cleaner/ 6 parts water)...5-10 minute dwell time.

                            Regular Strength 1:9 (1 part cleaner/9 parts water)...5-10 minute dwell time.

DIRECTIONS:   For maximum effectiveness 3 in 1 should make contact with the grout. Aeas that have waxes,sealers, heavy soil or grease build up should be cleaned, stripped or degreased first. To help determine the best dilution ratio test a small area prior to mixing the final solution. Adjust dilution ratio according to your individual needs.

Liberally apply cleaner and allow for appropriate dwell time.  While the cleaner is dwelling agitate the grout with a grout brush and or tiles depending on your objectives. If the product appears to be drying add water. Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned rinse well with water and extract. Repeat as needed.


                HIGH STRENGTH:  Recommended for removal of grout haze or grout residue remaining from tile installations. Removing grout particles imbedded in pitted tiles with crevasses. Spot cleaning severely discolored areas. Also acts as a GROUT REDUCER and an excellent way to prep small tile (1"-2") installations prior to color seal application.

                GROUT REDUCER: Since color sealing areas with high or flush grout lines is difficult and time consuming; 3 in 1 is an excellent way to eat away a microscopic layer of grout and/or open the pores to make the coloring process easier. High strength will soften the grout in the problem areas allowing for a floor buffer with a blue brush attachment to knock down the high spots in open areas. Hard to reach areas may have to be done by hand. Agitation with a stiff grout brush and applying direct pressure is also recommended. Repeat as needed.

                MEDIUM STRENGTH:  Recommended for cleaning tile and grout and grout birghtening problem areas.

                REGULAR STRENGTH: Recommended for prepping tile and grout prior to color seal application and tile and grout cleaning.


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