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100% Money Back Guarantee on all Pro Starter Packages!

Product - ColorSealPro™ is a premium grade solid color grout sealer.  It is a very thick coating with the following qualities:
  • Leaves grout looking natural and not painted
  • Can be used to restore an aged floor to a like new condition
  • Provides the best protection on new installations
  • Stain resistant, breathable, flexible, & waterproof
  • Color stable and non-yellowing
  • Fills small pits and cracks in grout
  • Designed to withstand aggressive cleaning
  • User friendly
Sales Process - A proven sales approach that is effective regardless of your level of experience and designed to set realistic customer expectations avoiding any miscommunication at the point of sale.
Technical Support - Our staff is experienced in all aspects of tile and grout restoration ranging from product application, sales, & business development.

If you are not completely satisfied with our Product, Sales Process or Technical Support we will refund your money.