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FAQ – Pros

Q. I have cleaned many tile floors that have been colored and the product flakes up?


This may be true … it depends on the quality of the product and installation. The only reason this is a problem is not identifying it prior to the job. These jobs are actually opportunities if sold correctly.

Q. Does it look painted?


Some products do … ColorSeal Pro is used on new installations all the time and you would never be able to tell that the floor has been colorsealed. Guaranteed to look natural.

Q. I have tried selling it and no one is interested.


80-90% of all your tile and grout jobs could easily be converted to colorsealing for double the revenue with our proven no pressure sales approach. To learn more … read T&G Restoration -The Realities of Tile and Grout Restoration and watch the sales training video.

Q. I have done it a few times and it takes too long, is too tedious, and difficult to make money?


This can be very true if the jobs are being priced wrong and the wrong application techniques are being used. We have proven techniques and a track record that says you can easily generate $150 a man hour … all day long parked in one house.

Q. I hate being on my knees and it is too difficult to do?


Like anything else … it takes practice. Once good habits are learned most carpet cleaners say that colorsealing is less labor intensive than cleaning carpet.