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Color Seal Benefits:

• Grout will no longer be porous … any discolorations will lie on top of the sealer
• Easier to maintain
• Restores old grout to a like new condition
• Uniform color
• More sanitary
• Aggressive chemicals not necessary
• Can be restored to a like new condition whenever color seal is re-applied
• If installed properly will not chip, flake, or peal

Grout that has been color sealed is no longer porous and will be easier to maintain than any impregnating sealer. Unfortunately, most grout is found on a floor and all floors will get dirty. How quickly an area discolors or needs to be re-sealed depends on the amount of traffic and how the floor is maintained.

Recommended Daily Maintenance – Option A (Dry Method)

• Vacuum / sweep any loose debris
• Spot clean areas as needed with CSPro maintenance cleaner.

Recommended Daily Maintenance – Option B (Wet Method)

• Vacuum / sweep any loose debris
• Use CSPro maintenance cleaner … rinsing and changing water as often as needed

• Dry mop or extract area
• Work in manageable sections so the area does not dry
• It is important to pick up the dirty water before it dries … while the dirt is suspended

Recommended Deep Clean – As Needed

• Vacuum / sweep any loose debris
• Apply CSPro maintenance cleaner
• Agitate tile and grout
• Work in manageable sections so that area does not dry
• Extract with a wet vacuum or auto scrubber

The most frequently asked question is how long does color seal last. Oftentimes, how quickly an area gets dirty is confused with how long color seal lasts. Over time, all areas will discolor … how quickly depends on the amount of traffic and method of maintenance.

The difference between color seal and other sealers is that long after an area appears to look aged the product is still effectively working. Remember, other sealers make the grout less porous and color seal makes the grout non porous; therefore, any stains or discolorations are lying on top of the sealer. Once an area begins to look aged the dirt needs be suspended and extracted as described above (Deep Clean).

Color seal is very durable and designed to perform in commercial settings and sustain aggressive cleanings. Unfortunately, color seal does not have the ability to remove discolorations on its own. This is the most the most effective way to restore an aged floor and create a manageable and cost effective method of maintenance. Most importantly, it will allow for consistent and manageable results on a daily basis and in the future when restoration is needed.