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For Pros

For Pros

Why clean with marginal results, when you can restore to a new condition and permanently seal grout!   Are you a contractor?  If so, create an account today for automatic discounted pricing.  We ship same day on most orders and as a Fed Ex partner can provide updated 2 day delivery at the ground rate on many!

Business Starter Package

Everything you need to get started in business offering Grout Color Sealing Services: Trainin..


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Sales Demo Kit

The Sales Demo KitIncludes:(1) Carry Case(15) 2 oz bottles of the most popular colors of colorseal(2..


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Pint Combo Kit

The Pint Combo Kit is enough product to colorseal approximately 500 sf of 12" tile. (@ $2 per s..


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Quart Combo Kit

The Quart Combo Kit  is enough product to colorseal approximately 1000 sf of 12" tile.&nbs..


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Gallon Combo Kit

The Gallon Combo Kit is enough product to colorseal approximately 4000 sf of 12" tile. (@ ..


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3 in 1 Grout Brightener 1 Gallon

3 in 1 performs multiple functions based on dilution ratios.  The 3 primary uses are:Grout Brig..


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CSPro Supreme Shield (16 Oz)

CSPro SUPREME SHIELD …. The easiest coating in the world to apply.  (Covers approximately 250 s..


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Shower Restoration Kit

Shower Restoration & Seal KitThe ultimate tile and grout restoration solution!  ColorSealPr..


Microfiber Applicator

5" x 19"  Microfiber applicator.  Can be used for the application of CSPro Supreme Shield ..


Shower Restoration (Accessory Kit)

Shower Restoration and Seal Accessory Kit.   Includes the following (Also sold separately)..


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Gallon Starter Package

One gallon of each of the 15 most popular colors. These colors coincide with the colors in the sales..


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Pint Starter Package

One Pint ( 1 - 16 oz bottle) of each of the 15 most popular colors. These colors coincide with the c..


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Quart Starter Package

One quart ( 2 - 16 oz bottles) of each of the 15 most popular colors. These colors coincide with the..


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Applicator Brush Attachment

The applicator brush attachment will let you apply and spread colorseal all in one motion...


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Metal Applicator Tip

The metal applicator tip is long lasting and used to apply a bead of Colorseal to grout. Also b..


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Small Brush -7"

The small brush is used to apply color seal once a bead of colorseal has been applied to the grout o..


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