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Pint Starter Package

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Pint Starter Package

One Pint ( 1 - 16 oz bottle) of each of the 15 most popular colors. These colors coincide with the colors in the sales kit. This is enough product to approximately colorseal 7500 square feet of 12" tile.

(@ $2.00 per square foot = approximately $15,000 of revenue)

Other items included are:

  • 15 of the most popular ColorSeal colors
  • (15) yorker tops
  • (20) 2 oz bottles with yorker tops
  • (2) 8 oz bottles with flip dispensing cap
  • (8) Brushes (4 Large Brushes and 4 Small Brushes)
  • (1) Metal applicator tip
  • (1) Applicator brush attachment
  • (5) Chamois sheets (5=20)
  • Unlimited technical and phone support

Color Seal Pro is a commercial grade sealer that will restore old grout to a new condition and will color and seal grout in one step while maintaining the natural look of the grout …. Does not look painted.  You can change or match the current color.  ColorSealPro will outperform all other brands and is the only product that is oil repellent and designed to hold up to high pressure cleaning.

Other sealers will make grout less porous.  ColorSealPro will make grout non porous so that stains and dirt will lie on top of the sealer making it more sanitary and easier to clean and maintain.  Therefore, aggressive and toxic chemicals will no longer be necessary and your grout can effectively be maintained with ECO safe cleaners.  “Grout Has Finally Met Its Match.”

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