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ColorSealPro Benefits:

  • Grout will no longer be porous
  • Covers most installations in one application … save time and money
  • Use on any tile and grout surface … walls, floors, showers, counter tops and etc…
  • Only “Oil Repellent” color seal. (click to see our video on oil repellancy)

    Many sealers claim to be “oil resistant” …. ColorSealPro is “oil repellent”. What is the difference? “Oil Resistant” means that the sealer will not break down or dissolve when exposed to oil. In this case, the sealer absorbs the stain and becomes permanently discolored or contaminated. “Oil Repellency” means that oil will not soak into the sealer and lay on top so that it can be easily cleaned up.

  • Easier to maintain … stains will lie on top of the sealer
  • Restores old grout to a like new condition
  • Can change color
  • Grout will be uniform in color
  • Proprietary “Anti-Microbial Properties” (click to see video a about Anti-Microbial Properties)
  • More sanitary
  • Aggressive chemicals no longer necessary
  • Can be maintained effectively with environmentally safe cleaners
  • Can be restored to a like new condition whenever color seal is re-applied
  • If installed properly will not chip, flake, or peal
  • Maintains the natural look of the grout … does not look painted
  • Looks better for longer vs any other option
  • A more cost effective way to maintain your grout