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Business Starter Package


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Business Starter Package

Everything you need to get started in business offering Grout Color Sealing Services:

  1. Training (eLearning course) ($475 value!)
    Gain an understanding of the Color Seal application and sales process. Learn at your convenience without leaving home in this immersive eLearning course.
  2. Professional Certification and Badge
    Once you complete the course and certification process you will earn the Trained and Certified Color Seal Pro Applicator badge for your website and collateral material plus benefit in many other ways. (See below for details)
  3. Product - Enough to Generate $15k in Sales
    Color Seal product in the same colors that are in the Sales Demo Kit.
  4. Sales Demo Kit ($85.25 value)
    See below to see what your Sales Demo Kit includes.
  5. Support
    Unlimited Community and Telephone Tech Support. (See below for details)
  6. Resource Library
    Access our on-demand 24/7 Resource Library (See below for details)
  7. Sales and Marketing Resources
    Your sales and marketing resources include a professionally designed brochure template, website /ad content, and more to help you hit the ground running promoting your Color Seal services. (See below for details)
  8. Special Discounts
    20% product discounts on all future orders (Color Seal only); Additional future discounts based on volume.



    It pays to be a Trained and Certified ColorSeal Pro Applicator! Benefits include:

    • Receive leads and referrals in your area (limited based on location).
    • Set yourself aside from your competition and assure your customers that you are certified and an expert in the field by proudly displaying your Trained and Certified ColorSeal PRO Applicator badge on your website and collateral material.
    • Confidence that you are providing your customers with the best product coupled with top notch craftsmanship.
    • Learn to price jobs so that you are generating an average of $150-$250 per labor hour.
    • Full support, assistance, and continued updates and improvements in application techniques and new product innovations.

    • (1) Carry Case
    • (15) 2 oz bottles of the most popular colors of ColorSeal
    • (2) Empty 8 oz bottles with flip dispensing cap (used for cleaners)
    • (1) Applicator brush
    • (1) Piece of chamois
    • (1) Terry cloth towel

  4. PRODUCT - Enough product to generate about $15k of business! 
    • Accessories as described on website with pint or gallon combo kits
    • 15 pints of color seal that coincide with the colors in your sales kit
    • 1 Pint ColorSeal Pro Supreme Shield with microfiber pad
    • (8) Brushes (2 Large and 6 Small Brushes)
    • (1) Metal applicator tip
    • (1) Applicator brush attachment
    • (5) Chamois sheets (=20 when cut to size!)
    • Unlimited Community and Telephone Tech Support

    On Demand 24/7! Find a wealth of valuable answers and resources

    • Videos
    • Helpful Hints
    • Ways to increase revenue
    • Improve profitability
    • Articles
    • FAQ’s
    • Marketing Ideas
    • Live chat and feedback
    • Forms
    • And much more
    • 20% product discounts on all future orders (ColorSeal only)
    • Additional future discounts based on volume
  8. $999.00

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