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For Pros

For Pros

Why clean with marginal results, when you can restore to a new condition and permanently seal grout!   Are you a contractor?  If so, create an account today for automatic discounted pricing.  We ship same day on most orders and as a Fed Ex partner can provide updated 2 day delivery at the ground rate on many!

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16 Oz Bottle with Yorker Top

16 Oz Bottles with yorker top are used to apply and store Colorseal...


Available Options

Small Yorker Tops

Yorker top for 16 oz. and 2 oz. bottle replacements. Can be used to apply a bead of colorseal or pro..


Available Options

Doodlebug Hand Pad Holder

Doodlebug Hand Pad Holder Attachment for Scotch Brite Pad (pad not included).  Excellent for co..


Available Options

Scotch Brite Pad (10" x 4.5")

The Scotch Brite Pad is an efficient tool to remove colorseal haze or scrub tile surface.  &nbs..


Available Options

Sample Bottle 2 Oz

Covers approximately 20 sq feet of 12×12 tiles.  Allows you to sample multiple colors, helps ai..


Available Options

2 oz Bottle with Yorker Top

2 oz. bottle with yorker top are used to replace or add colors to the sales kit. Also can be used to..


Available Options

Gallon Yorker Tops

Yorker top for gallon bottles are used to pour Colorseal from gallon container and provide a tight s..


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