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Deep Cleaner  8oz/16oz/32oz/Gallon

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Deep Cleaner 8oz/16oz/32oz/Gallon

Use CSPro Deep Cleaner to clean and prep grout prior to color seal application.  Dilute 8 oz of Deep Cleaner to 1 gallon of water.  Increase dilution ratio accordingly if needed.  Approximate coverage is 250-300 sf per one gallon of cleaner. Apply solution and allow 15-20 minutes of dwell time. While the solution is dwelling agitate the grout, rinse and extract as described in the instructional video or written instructions. If the product begins to dry add water.   Rinse well prior to color seal application.

The detailed instructions describe how to determine if a sealer or coating exists.  If so, stripping will be required. To strip add 32 oz of Deep cleaner to one gallon of water and follow the above instructions.  Repeat as needed.  Call Technical Support with questions 216-916-7775.

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