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CSPro Supreme Shield (16 Oz)

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CSPro Supreme Shield (16 Oz)

CSPro SUPREME SHIELD …. The easiest coating in the world to apply.  (Covers approximately 250 sq. ft)

Micro thin coating that does not show wear like thick urethane or epoxy coatings and is more durable.  User friendly, easy to apply and quick drying. This amazing hybrid technology offers the synergy of penetrating and film-forming technology all in one.

Step 1) Restore grout to a new condition with ColorSealPro grout sealer

Step 2) Seal tile and grout with CsPro Supreme Shield


The ultimate tile and grout restoration solution.  Restore, seal, significantly improve cleanability and the coefficient of friction.


Features & Benefits

Dries in 10-20 minutes … open to foot traffic 30-60 minutes.

Compatible with ColorSealPro ... can be applied immediately after grout has been ColorSealed

Protective clear coat designed for added protection to Tile & Grout

Easy to apply

Low odor

Coating materials cost approximately 15 cents per square foot

Mirco thin coating does not show wear like thick urethane or epoxy

Easy to strip with SS Refresh in case repairs or restoration are necessary

High-moisture environments are no problem


Exceptional coefficient of friction increases safety


Easy rejuvenation/restoration if needed.


Can be used indoors and out … UV will not reduce its performance.


Superior bond without the need for adhesion promoters and is solvent-resistant, even against acetone.


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